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NATURAL AND SYNTHETIC WAXES have constituted one of the core areas of business for TER HELL & CO. GMBH for 65 years. They are to be found in all five of Ter Hell's Business Areas.

Ter Hell is one of the world market leaders trading in high quality natural waxes (carnauba wax, candelilla wax, beeswax). In this context, carnauba wax has a position of central significance. This natural product is won from the leaves of the carnauba palm (Copernicia cerifera Mart.), which flourishes exclusively in Northeast Brazil. Due to its unique properties - brilliance, degree of hardness, compatibility - the wax can be used for many purposes. As a food additive (E 903), as a natural anticoagulant and glazing agent for confectionery and medicines, as a component of shoe creams, in automobile polishes, as a stabilizer in cosmetics, as an additive in the paint and coatings industry etc.

High quality waxes are closely linked with the name Ter Hell...

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